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Need network equipment? Sort it out on the spot.

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What is Salumanus Plus?.

Salumanus Plus is a B2B platform for network industry professionals.

Intuitive, round-the-clock service.

Place your order at your convenience. Salumanus Plus works for your 24/7..


Got technical issues? No problem! We have plenty of experience in network optimization – you can count on us..

Guaranteed availability.

Salumanus Plus enables a continuous preview of our stock levels and provides information about the closest shipping dates..

Convenient payment.

Take advantage of our trade credits. We guarantee full financial transparency and easy access to purchase documentation.


Quick path
to purchase.

We know you value your time and do our best to simplify.
the buying process.

Anintuitive filter will quickly help you find what you need.

Your purchasing history will remind you of your previous choices.

Talk with a consultant or use a basket we have prepared for you.

If in stock, your products will be shipped within 24 h.


Benefits for
your business.

With Salumanus Plus you have everything you need in one place.
It’s just more convenient.

Consultant support. We will verify your basket to make sure you have made a good choice.

Catalog cards. The platform is committed to publishing all the necessary technical specifications.

Warranty documents. We make post-sales formalities easier.

Package tracking. For your convenience, we will ship the order directly to the end client.


Plus for
your team.

We understand that business success is a matter of team work. Salumanus Plus facilitates vertical and horizontal cooperation within organizations

Give your colleagues access to baskets and speed up the decision-making process. Modify, approve, and create joint orders from partial user baskets.

Place an order directly from a customized offer prepared just for you, without waiting for price and availability confirmation.

Project departments
  • access to specialist knowledge
  • product availability information
Purchasing departments
  • faster order placement
  • fewer ordering errors
  • order control by a dedicated assistant
Support departments
  • accounting – access to purchase documentation
  • warehouse – information about delivery dates and the shipping list
  • servicing – access to the warranty service


Any doubts? Take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Can I delay payment for my order?

Yes, every client gets a trade credit, which grows in line with increasing turnovers and timely payments.

What payment options are available?

You can pay for your order via an online transfer or a pro-forma invoice or use your trade credit.

How long does it take before the order is shipped?
  • Products in stock: orders placed before 1 pm on a workday are shipped the same day.
  • Products available on order: shipping details are discussed on an individual basis.
Can my order be delivered to a package locker?

Orders cannot be delivered to package lockers because of the non-standard size of some of our devices.

Can I pick up my order in person?

We prefer delivery by courier. In exceptional cases, however, you may pick up your order from the warehouse in Kraków before 3:30 pm on workdays.

Can you ship the order to the end client?

Yes, you can specify the client and the delivery address in the basket. The package will not contain any documents.

Can I place an order by e-mail?

Of course. However, if you order through the platform, your order will be processed sooner.

Can I get a PDF offer?

Yes. All you need to do is add products to the basket and ask for a quote. A dedicated assistant will prepare and save it to your account.

Can I turn an offer into an order?

Yes. You can use a saved offer to place an order unless it has already expired.

What if the product is out of stock? Can I order it earlier?

Yes. Your order will get a number and an expected shipping date. The products will be shipped as soon as they are in stock again.

What documents will I find on the platform?

You will find QUOTES, FV, FPRO, warranties, refunds, orders, and saved baskets.

Can I prepare an offer for the end client on the platform?

Yes. You can prepare a PDF offer for the end client, specifying client data, mark-ups, and other necessary information.

Will I be notified about the package?

Yes. Shipping notification will be sent by e-mail once the order is placed. In addition, the package number will be saved in your order on the platform.

Do you have any other questions?

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